First of all I would like to thank my mama and daddy for havin' me. And my brothers and sisters for givin' me swag. Ya Dig? Shouts out to all the people who came out to see my artwork and supportin' ya boi Sbreezy. No but really thank you it meant a lot and I hope to be doing another show really soon. But until then I will continue to post new artwork and will be posting photos from the show. Peace Out Shawty.
SWAG. Something I do not have.
Cuz I am. Ha!




Sorry I relapsed and went back to my old style but I was kind of disgruntled.
Practice makes perfect right
If anyone is interested I'm gonna be part of art show titled MAAF: Stop, Look, Listen. In Logan Square in July from the 20th to the 22nd. So if you need any more information just inbox me.
After this comes pt.3. NO DAYS OFF.
Why get your father that weak ass tie for father's day when you can get him a dope a$$ Sugahbear painting. I'm just sayin.